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Part 101: Getting Schooled w/ Ed Beach

Narrated by Ed Beach

  1. Intro

    Hello everyone, this is /u/LunarNeedle once more with narration for Part 101! We had an amazing narration on behalf of the team, s…

  2. PR Slide

    Ah, the Boer's. Enjoying their new found gains and not worrying about the carnival goers at all in their country, nope, not, never…

  3. Tile Accurate Map

    DerErlenkonig, rating a solid 7/10 in difficult to say name provides us an even more solid 10/10 map, having opted to delay the re…

  4. Melon Map

    Spherical_Melon, has an opposite problem. He has the easiest name to say and the most information but his map looks utterly chaoti…

  5. CivBall Map

    A vintage map was the headlining act on the centennial part, so it makes sense to post a more modern rendition here done by Monkey…

  6. Welcome Ed Beach

    Hello to the Civ Battle Royale Community!  I was happy to jump in and accept this invitation to narrate this episode of CBR becaus…

  7. 1

    However we’ve been pretty busy at Firaxis working on the successor to Civ V, so although I watched the first 10 or 20 episodes of…

  8. 2

    In Civ V we represented Brazil as being good at overseas military endeavors with their WWII era Pracinha unique units. But conque…

  9. 3

    The Kimberleys as indigenous Australians are a great idea for a civ. Nice to see them still hanging in there alongside their Europ…

  10. 4

    A Brazilian XCOM unit drops onto Sumatra to challenge the Kimberleys there. Or does it know something about aliens that we don’t?…

  11. 5

    Sibir is a great civ too. Just look at what a cold, uninviting presence they are on the map. I’m cold just looking at this screens…

  12. 6

    This world is NOT going smoke-free. Nicotine hits are just required in this stressful an environment. Coiot's Note: Korean carrier…

  13. 7

    Our updated look at the Kimberley naval task force. The experts from CBR tell me there is no way they will make any inroads agains…

  14. 8

    Somehow the Blackfoot Confederacy has a foothold in the southern Philippines. Another cool modded civ, but wrong place for them t…

  15. 9

    Ah the Middle East. A confusing jumble of powers in play here … that looks about right!

  16. 10

    The very early struggle between the Americans and Canadians for control of Eastern North America was one of the things I remember…

  17. 11

    A look at the other Australian outpost on Asia proper. Doesn’t look like this one will hold out much longer.

  18. 12

    Indigenous powers go to peace. Perhaps an alliance against colonial powers is in their future?

  19. 13

    A look at the business pages from the local Kimberley newspaper.

  20. 14

    The best look at the sea of Brazilian units gobbling up space in Asia. No one ever told Pedro not to start a land war in Asia!

  21. 15

    Now it is the Australians in Cebu under attack, this time from a Vietnamese force.

  22. 16

    The unsung heroes of this episode show the power of the digeridoo and take the northernmost Brazilian Indian Ocean outpost.

  23. 17

    And then the other one falls. As a huge fan of Midnight Oil, I can think of so many appropriate songs to listen to right now.

  24. 18

    This is the exact kind of issue I’d look for reviewing autoplays. Why the carrier spam? Time to dive back into the code and make…

  25. 19

    This is a bit better look at the Middle East. Some interesting powers holding on here: is that both Armenia and Sri Lanka? As wel…

  26. 20

    The battle for Antarctic research stations. Anyone heard anything about one of those appearing in a Civ game soon?

  27. 21

    It looks like the Kimberleys appreciate the power of South Pole stations.

  28. 22

    Brazil reasserts its claim in the Indian Ocean. No wonder the cities in this game don’t have very high populations.

  29. 23

    Cebu falls to the Vietnamese.

  30. 24

    Coiot's Note: No comment from Ed here but Ingolfur is throwing some shade at Pedro. Best watch out my friend, those carriers won't…

  31. 25

    And Brazilian paratroopers retake the Indian Ocean isles. Coiot's Note: Kruger however still does not join the fight, and decides…

  32. 26

    The Boers join the fray in Oceania. A forward base perhaps? Reon's Note: Ambon once again given to the Boers in back-to-back peace…

  33. 27

    Another look at East Asia. Now all sorts of powers are making a play here.

  34. 28

    A look from deep inside the Brazilian Military Industrial Complex.

  35. 29

    The Boers convince me that they like Antarctic research too. I would think a city down here would be nice and safe, but I’m less s…

  36. 30

    If a tile in South African isn’t under the Boers’ thumb, well then a Brazilian unit might be there. Ulundi hits 40 population! Coi…

  37. 31

    Our first good look at the Indian subcontinent. And who is going to take on Brazil’s might? Well Sri Lanka of course!

  38. 32

    I missed a strange power the last time we looked at the Middle East. Why it’s the Finns of course! It looks like they have expor…

  39. 33

    OK, this is a dramatic picture. The Sri Lanka declaration on Brazil has been met by a wave of incoming XCOM troopers. This could b…

  40. 34

    Go Sri Lanka! Who says their dreams of off-shore island vacation homes can’t come true?

  41. 35

    The Vietnamese continue to make strong gains at the Aussie’s expense. They even push across to the northern Philippines!

  42. 36

    A closer look at Caloocan.

  43. 37

    The heart of the Swedish Empire, home of the Viking biotroopers.

  44. 38

    We haven’t heard from the Buccaneers this installment, but Henry Morgan now denounces Pedro. Is that a good idea? Doubtful, thoug…

  45. 39

    And once again we’re in the South China Sea. The Aussies regain the northern Philippines. At last some good news reaches New South…

  46. 40

    The quest for Sri Lankan vacation homes continues… Coiot's Note: Sri Lanka is fighting the good fight against Pedro, showing the r…

  47. 41

    … while new Sri Lankan forces press out of their Arabian peninsula base of Negombo.

  48. 42

    Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte is a mouthful of a city name. But finally back in the hands of the native settlers who can pronounce tha…

  49. 43

    Korea is the first civ we announced for Rise & Fall and the one I’ve been testing out in recent Civ VI games. They are very good i…

  50. 44

    Somehow a Hawaiian tropical paradise remains in the central Pacific. The Polynesians were great for Civ V, but it’s not looking l…

  51. 45

    Quite the embarked Brazilian army here in the South Pacific, mingling with an Inuit southern navy.

  52. 46

    Henry Morgan decides it is smart pirate strategy to denounce ALL your powerful neighbors.

  53. 47

    But maybe that’s not a bad strategy if Crowfoot attacks the Inuit at the same time?

  54. 48

    Paul Kruger first came into Civ with our Scramble for Africa scenario but maybe folks will remember his best for his role in this…

  55. 49

    But Brazil seems to have gotten to India first.

  56. 50

    Maybe Sri Lanka suffers, sandwiched between Brazil in the north and these Boers coming north from Colombo?

  57. 51

    And now Parkes’ Australians push back and reconquer Cebu with a lot of Blackfoot forces looking on.

  58. 52

    A rare look at the Caspian region. Finns and Sibirs, experts both in the northern realms, are fighting it out for this less north…

  59. 53

    Another denouncement!

  60. 54

    Time to officially make peace with the Finns before Korea considers this idea of the Inuit lands. Coiot's Note: While Sejong is aw…

  61. 55

    There is a bit of a border between Sibir and Vietnam … just enough evidently. Coiot's Note: Sibir has learned the lessons of fight…

  62. 56

    More wars breaking out. I’m still learning some of these symbols but it looks like the Blackfeet squatting in Vietnamese lands hav…

  63. 57

    Very, very dangerous. All of a sudden Vietnam has been stripped of three cities!

  64. 58

    A last look at central India for the episode…

  65. 59

    And the Vietnamese and Australians, both losers this time around, smartly realize that they have bigger enemies.

  66. 60

    Yikes, the price of peace with Australia was mighty steep!

  67. 61

    But not so steep that the opportunistic Vietnamese don’t look toward the crumbling empire of the Sri Lankans.

  68. 62

    Sharp-eyed observers needed for this one, so I’ll let the CBR notes tell the story: “As eagle eyed observers have noticed on the m…

  69. 63

    And our final game screen showing the Finns threatening to take Wuppertal.

  70. 64

    Data screens. I’m going to let the CBR team who knows this game so well narrate these. Coiot: Oh, that would be me. Well then:…

  71. 65

    Coiot: The bottom half shows the large disparity between the remaining competitors. Even so, the Kimberley and Sri Lanka fought we…

  72. 66

    Coiot: Oh that juicy production. Crowfoot best keep his expectations in check, his production won't be able to keep up with a free…

  73. 67

    Coiot: Armenia showing us once again that Hawaii is indeed not in last place.

  74. 68

    Coiot: An overall minor impact to the game now, but there are still several civs catching up on their social policies.

  75. 69

    Coiot: Lowly Hawaii is still last in one thing it seems. Not that culture is of high importance in their cozy hideout.

  76. 70

    Coiot: The military graph reveals that even Brazil's incredible climb has decelerated, and many of the other leaders also go down.…

  77. 71

    Coiot: Global relations have really broken down of late. Look at this mess! A far cry from the lull around Part 86. Maybe someone…