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Hello! I’m /u/ReonMonterus, with me are /u/Limerickarcher and /u/LunarNeedle, and we are here to bring you Part 100 of the CBR! We’re so excited that you have stuck with us this far and hope that you continue to enjoy the CBR. There is still plenty of exciting events to come, many of which are in this expanded part, which has come in at a grand total of 125 slides and a full 30 turns!

In this, the centennial part of the CBR MkII, we should take a moment to look back at days long gone. This civball map of the world from part 6 shows how many fallen civs we have lost, and how far some of our current contenders have come. With nations like Korea and Sweden coming up from behind to live as long and be as powerful as they are shows that in a game like this, anything can happen!