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Forn Siðr has a chance to sweep Europe if they can hold off the Arians to their west and the Catholics and Lutherans focus all their missionary energy on battling one another in the fertile crescent. (Yes, I know that's not how religious pressure works, but come on—isnt' way more fun to imagine that way?)

More pressingly, we leave you all with the greatest mystery yet to come to the CBR: huge swaths of cities have been swept from the globe, including the holy Ciudad Juarez, much of the former Mexico, the entire Sahara, pieces of the outback and a few small patches of central Asia. Could the Rapture have come to a world where literally no one believes in the Rapture? Or is it Gran Colombia, returned from hell to wreak havok upon a new cylinder?

Tune in next time for answers to these mysteries and more on the 100th Anniversary of the Civ Battle Royale!

This has been u/GoatontheMountain, and if you've made it through all these 6,000 words, enjoy a nice New Year's glass of scotch on me, Dawkinzz. Good night!