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Obligatory naval stat shaming time! Iceland has built 183 naval units in this slide, of which two are melee capable. 108 are aircraft carriers, six of which combine to support a grand sum of 12 units, while 102 host roller skating parties for middle schools and drunk millennial birthday parties. Most distressing is the one empty carrier who seems to have caught a virus that has drained it to a sliver of health. If only it were contagious, we might see a meaningful reduction in turn processing times and a new, more potent Icelandic navy born from the wreckage.

Aside from the two advanced destroyers present, there are actually two other conquer-capable units present here. The first, a squad of paratroopers marooned in a foreign land, but the second is a lost privateer from the before times. The doomed ship creaks with age in an endless grey sea, stuck fast in a traffic jam that has lasted a thousand years and will last ten thousand more. Generation after generation of sailors has been born and raised on stories from simpler times, stories about when this waterlogged hulk was sleek and new, the pride of the seven seas, and of the seas themselves, open seas, where a ship might chart its own course from port to port. The stories are moving, but the privateer is not, and tonight they pass another watch staring up at the narrow spray of stars between the canyon walls of nuclear powered behemoths, and only in their dreams are they free.