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Panning south, Iceland has nine cities in the black. What's worse, poor Elis has been totally nuked off the map, a small crater all that remains of a once vibrant (I presume) city.

Meanwhile, if Tiridates were to declare on the heathens and bring all those paratroopers to bear, he could at least go out in a blaze of glory for a turn or two (and greatly improve his inevitable greatest extent map!).

But for now the Armenian army holds out hope, a Boered navy floats on, Iceland turns the Mediterranean into a massive (and massively depressing) empty dance floor, and a lone chimera scurries over the rolling hills where lie the bones of long dead legionnaires.

Side note: Had the legendary Polish scout known the pass he once boldly held contained beneath his feet the glowing power to wipe whole cities from the map, perhaps he would have despaired at war's inevitability and simply let the Spartans pass. How the world might look now if Leonidas had succeeded in those early days…