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We've made it to turn 113 of the MkII.b era, and what a journey awaits us! The nascent war for the world's tundra begins in earnest as Eheunick (Inuit) decides to get creative in his lack of melee ships and sets a squad of biotroopers astride a cybersub and sends them forth to make war upon Nattfaravik. Leary of the rampant nuking-out-of-existence in other parts of the cylinder Ingolfur (Iceland) preps two settlers to back fill the mellifluous Flokadallur. The icy hammer falls first, though, on Husavik, a likely target once the garbage patch is laid to watery rest.

Through it all, listless Canadian remnants float in their northern lake home, though they are still more relevant than that non-nuke carrying Inuit cybersub outside Edmonton.

One final fun note here: if you track from southwest to northeast looking at the Brazilian overflow you can see the progression from paratroopers only to almost exclusively XCOMs. It's like reading the record of a landscape through the layers of a canyon. But less peaceful and more shooty.