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Hey has anyone heard of that cool superhero movie coming soon yeah here’s some cool oc based on that, isn’t it cool? good work /u/Lutoures, it’s very cool. i like how brazil is the big guy in the background. is that the protagonist or antagonist of the movie? Very cool.

Another week, another exciting episode of mass genocide on a cylindrical scale. This time, I, /u/DanielTheFinn (not that anyone ever cares who the narrator is), will be guiding you through the terrifying mess, or at least try to guide you. Well, I can’t complain as I’d rather have crazy total war than 50 slides of Sibir and Vietnam flipping the same cities over and over again. Something like that won’t happen in this part, right? R-right?

I have two absolutely terrible AARs under my belt, so I guarantee you that the narration for this part will be of superior quality. I’d provide you links to these AARs, but I’m not sure the contract I signed allows me to shill my older works. It did say that Reon will own my soul for the rest of eternity. Anyways, I’m just not gonna risk it, in case I lose my opportunity to narrate one of my favourite AARs on the net.