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The bell tolls for the Boers. Djarindjin has fallen. The Brazilians are coming. Mini-Pedro will stand victorious and the Civil War will finally end.

Kruger wonders where it all went wrong and prepares to give the order to erase and overwrite all his data. His memories, his personality, his dreams. They're all worthless now, anyways.

But the end of the Boers will not come today, I'm afraid, as apparently this is the last slide. It is time to end for this week.

It has been an honour to narrate for the CBR. It's something I've wanted to do for a long, long time. Only now, after getting experience from creating my own AARs, was I ready for this sacred task, and I hope I have done well.

See you in the comments section, where I will be ready to receive all your numerous complaints, and in the subreddit, where I will shitpost occasionally. Also GET HYPED FOR CBRX BITCHES!

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