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THE END TIMES ARE UPON US. First, Conquest rode forth on a bright orange hovertank. Then War dropped from the sky in a line-green parachute. Now the book has been broken open in Famine’s icy grip as he… um, declares war on Death? Maybe Famine should just be the famine after the reset, so Ekeunhick can be Death. But then would Morgan be… Pestilence? Seems a bit off.

Okay, so the metaphor sort of escaped from me there. But the enormity of the scene before me has not. Ekeuhnick has turned his armies south against the Buccaneers, but Pedro the puppet-master has leapt to the aid of his old enemy. Since Brazil first began routing the Boers in Africa, it was held by many that Morgan’s nukes would be the only thing that could stop his complete ascendancy. But now those nukes point northwards - and I count at least six.