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Okay, finally, we see it: YES, THE BLACKFOOT HAVE DECLARED WAR ON THE INUIT! Despite being next door neighbours, the Blackfoot and Inuit have literally never gone to war at any point during the 1050 turns of this game, choosing instead to remain best buds... until now. And up until recently, few suspected that it would be the Blackfoot who would pull the trigger. It has been hotly debated whether the Blackfoot, who have a larger army that is nevertheless very outdated, along with a production base an order of magnitude smaller than the Inuit’s, could beat them in a war. At last, however, all speculation is swept aside, and we will find out for real.

However, Crowfoot has done this in almost the smartest way possible: in coalition with Brazil. Now, you say, wasn’t Brazil already at war with the Inuit? Didn’t they make peace this very turn? Ah, yes, but diplomacy shenanigans have taken place. Brazil made a pact with the Blackfoot to declare war on the Inuit after giving them ten turns to prepare (you all know the diplomacy option). But while the pact was still in its infancy, the Inuit preemptively declared war on Brazil. But the two sides made peace before the 10 turns had been reached, allowing Brazil to sneakily circumvent the peace treaty by accepting the Blackfoot invitation to begin the planned war. It actually works; you can try it yourself.