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Blackfoot vs Buccs?!

Did anyone see this coming? It is, in some ways, a war that we have been waiting for for some time: I distinctly remember people advising the Buccs to eat the Blackfoot to stay relevant, and more recently, the other way round. However, it is hard to work out what exactly is going to happen. Both sides have strong carpets, the Blackfoot’s extending across a larger swathe of territory, while the Buccs sport biotroopers. There are other points to be made on both sides: Henry Morgan’s penchant for nukes could come into play with this carpet, as could Blackfoot paratroopers.

Interestingly enough, neither side has a decent navy. Although both sides of the sea are carpeted, almost everything is either an embarked land unit or a carrier, with Morgan appearing more vulnerable to Big Carrier lobbyists than Crowfoot. Perhaps there’s some sort of deal going on involving a Big Carrier-owned rum distillery.