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Hello everyone, welcome to this week’s exciting edition of the Civ Battle Royale. I’m u/daxington and I’ll be your humble shepherd through part 105 of this bloodbath. To get my biases out of the way, I really only follow this game to scan the high seas hoping to catch a glimpse of the mythical Canadian Battleship. But for the purposes of this narration, I suppose I’ll have to drop in on what’s happening with the rest of the world occasionally so I can keep the non-Canadian-Battleship nerds interested.

In this week’s OC feature we catch up with one of the cliffhangers from last week, the fate of Exclavia. Coming from Kekkonen, though, this may be less John Hughes and more Coen Brothers: a cry of angst after a life that has been on a severe downward slope after extremely poor decisions.