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We finally get our first look at the long anticipated OCP 3.0. Everyone’s been afraid of the Orange Menace for so long and it’s finally time to bring him down a peg. Let’s meet the newcomers to the coalition.

Iceland, of course couldn’t miss out on any OCP. Ingolfur is the like the guy from Brooklyn in a WW2 movie. He’s never the main character, but he’s always fun and probably won’t make it to the end.

The Blackfoot are clearly out to reboot their dreams of a South Pacific beachhead. Good luck Crowfoot. If you succeed, I hope you don’t immediately lose everything to Vietnam. He’s also brought a lot of melee units to this fight. The captain of the nearby Korean submarine is skeptical of the tactic. Sejong declared that missiles are the clear path to victory.

The Kimberley, of course joined the coalition in a transparent attempt to gain popularity after taking down Mr. Clean (ed. this is not a Tide ad. (ed. this is not a joke that will age well or is good now)) Nice try Jandy, but killing two rump states doesn’t make a right.