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On the map, we see that the Party Pope of nu-Catholicism continues to reign supreme across the Eurasian supercontinent, Not-Aryanism-with-a-y spreads the master religion to all the denizens of the Americas, and Africa remains the prime spot for nailing lists on doors. Everyone else is competing for table scraps, a familiar feeling on this cylinder.

It’s been an honor for me to narrate the exciting part for all of you creatures of the sub. It’s not every part in the CBR that a major peace breaks out, 20% of the combatants are killed, and then another major war breaks out! Many thanks are deserved for everyone who makes this thing happen every week. Please make sure to subscribe to r/civbattleroyale for all the latest and greatest in OC and shitposting, and please consider adding your two cents to the Blue Cassette Patreon so that we aren’t all freeloading on both their hard work and their cash going to hosting these parts.

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