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We’ve briefly entered an episode of Mr. Robot, where the camera is pointing at nothing particular while all the action happens at the periphery of the screen. In the top right corner we see that the Last Exclave has indeed fallen. Don’t worry Kek mourners, I’ll get back to this, but for now, there’s diplomatic fallout to cover. Finland appears to have been much more popular in death than in life with Vietnam and Brazil immediately DOWing the Kimberley for their heinous crimes against both sad bald norsemen and decendants of Central Asian refugees.

In other news for fans of peace and cooperation, it appears that OCP 2.0 has finally come to a complete close with the cessation of the mostly toothless hostilities between the Boers and Vietnam. Sure there was some city flipping before the Big Green Machine got in the way, and there were potentially some nuclear incidents in the South Indian Ocean, but for the most part this was the least interesting conflict in the OCP 2 and I’d frankly thought it was over last part.

And finally, the coalition against Hawai’i has grown to 6 allies. To have warranted this kind of action, the Orange Menace must have an ideology so dangerous, that it must be stopped at all costs. Clearly this is...OCP 3.0

The question is, will this be enough to contain Kamehameha?