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Ulaanbaatar. There are worse pieces of bordergore in the world. Hell, this isn’t even bordergore, it’s just an exclave. But it’s annoyed the hell out of me for as long as it’s existed and it’s the main thing I want taken care of in this war. Unfortunately, Kuchum is not heeding my pleas as it seems like he’s not even trying to take the city. In fact he seems to be on the defensive with Shenzhen under siege from a portion of UB’s defensive garrison. Come on Kuchum! You can fit a biotrooper in that east passage!

Shaoshan is in the black and if Genghis can get his own hovertanks out of the way, he’ll be able to take it with a modern armor unit and probably hold it. Otherwise, not much seems vulnerable to flipping in this front of the Kahhhhhn! War