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As the turn rolls over we see that OCP 3.0 has officially become one of the largest coalitions in modern CBR history with the Boers and the Inuit joining the epic fight to keep Hawai’i from overtaking the rest of the globe with it’s dangerous ideology (or whatever)

I for one do not like Boer’s chances in this upcoming ragnarok. While Boer fans were surely overjoyed with the resistance Kruger started to put up in Western and Northern Africa in the last days of the fight with Brazil, this shot of former Ethiopia and the horn of Africa make it clear that ol Pauly K. has not made recarpeting his territory top priority. What’s he spending all that production on? Is he building deep space probes that will spread his robotic consciousness to other cylinders across the galaxy? Has he evolved beyond this messy conflict of pigs wrestling in the mud?