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Aaaaand it appears that Pedro has grown tired of his intercontinental samba, deciding to opt for the second time in a row to end his blitzkrieg with a blitz frieden. The timing is awfully suspicious with the armistice being signed just shortly after the plunging power ranking of Sweden. Battleship Weekly’s investigative journalists are reportedly looking into suspicious buy-ups of Swedish stock among PR and BC users that could suggest insider trading.

But we don’t have time for that, other things are happening on this slide! As expected, the Koreans are fruitlessly experimenting with technology that will allow them to take a city without a melee unit. Failure is a part of science, and they are failing all over the Hawaiian megalopolis of Kaneohe. Keep at it Korea, I’m sure the next missile will be able to enforce an orderly regime change.

Things are also looking worse for Kamehameha as a...Mr. Harry Parkes is joining the coalition hype train against Hawai’i. I’ve never heard of Harry, but I wish him luck against an enemy so powerful that even 15 Korean aircraft carriers are proving downright useless.

And in the final news in this packed slide, the Kimberley and the Buccaneers make peace in a clear effort to focus as much energy as possible on the second most dangerous rump state on the cylinder.