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YEEEEEAHHHH! Our bloodlust continues to be satiated with the incineration of Yeji, giving the Buccaneer mech spider a luscious tan. That answers a long-standing question I’ve had, and it seems that the Bucs do have an Open Borders agreement. But that’s another 15 million casualties added to the heap (assuming bunkers were constructed), and we’re only starting to see the second turn of this war. A couple more of those and one of the nearby Buc settlers might be able to swoop in and fill the void left behind.

At the top edge of the frame, a Brazilian X-COM is positioned to capture Fort-de-France. Can it hold out long enough to finish the job, or will it be cleaved by a Giant Death Robot laser first. Speaking of which, the ubiquity of GDR’s at this stage of the game is encouraging. The end-game is approaching quickly!