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Ah, paradiso! By this point, native Brazilians have lived for generations without an enemy unit in sight. I doubt they’ll be seeing one any time soon, either. Just look at that airforce. Nearly every city on this slide is maxed out with what I can only assume are missiles, given Pedro’s nuclear bias. Another reason why this war was meant to be fought is the way the Boers have to attack Brazil. They have literally ZERO presence in the Americas, meaning a naval invasion is necessary. Scores of ships can be sunk with a single warhead. Pedro is practically untouchable. It’s like he was given a full court to play half-court ball. He’s playing Eagle with eleven men. He’s playing wiffle ball with a tennis racket. He’s… you get the picture. It’s a good thing for him, too. Those Paratroopers wouldn’t hold up against a proper invasion.