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In the Sahara, we get a look at just how devastating the eviction from Africa was to Pedro’s chances of assured victory. Nearly every open tile here was occupied by a Brazilian corpsman. By pushing from the border, these cities have time to grow in size, strength, and production. The powerhouse Boers we remember from before the reboot are only a few turns away. None of the cities they held after annihilating Ethiopia are even in contention yet. It may sound like a prediction now, but I promise you that in ten turns this will be a menacing sea of orange. Look closer at the line across the upper left for proof. Those aren’t workers. They’re Biotroopers. Kruger has sent a double-row firing squad to remove Iceland from Africa. It would have been even more devastating, but it appears that someone nuked Quarzazate!

I see Ingolfúr being the real sucker here. He’s taking the brunt of the damage from Kruger, and it will only make him a tastier target for Ekeuhnick in the end. I hate to say it, Iceland fans, but you better start scouting a second civ to root for now. The sooner you accept it, the easier it will be. I would love to be proven wrong, though. We can only wait and see what Nebby has in store.

Side note: Morgan is turtling like a boss here. He has THREE Giant Death Robots surrounding Bamako.