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In Iberia, Brazil pummel what long has been (and perhaps still is) the cylinder’s most populous city of Porto, at a whopping 82.5 million. To put it in perspective, there are only 15 countries in the real world with a higher population. Assuming Brazil’s cultural influence is low, that means over 40 million are about to die! WHEE!

The Mediterranean Sea is another story. Iceland is “helping” (in the Ralph Wiggum sense of the word) by attempting to build a land bridge between Funchal and Rome out of sunken troops. But honestly, even though it’s easy to poke fun at them, this shows just how much better the AI is than we dare to give it credit for. The Boers are ignoring the ranged naval units and choosing to single out all of the embarked melee troops. Also, Brazil and Iceland have created a barricade to separate the Sea into two theaters. I think it’s finally time to drop the “#justAIthings” attitude after seeing how well this war is being fought by both sides on the first turn alone.