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Turning toward the Middle East, the brilliance of Brazil’s X-COM bias becomes apparent. They are able to quickly return many men to their previous positions in Boer territory while inundating the border cities. Sibir’s presence in this coalition seems to be purely for air support, as they hold all ground units close to home. However, a timely strike could help them reclaim Ghazni.

Persepolis looks sure to fall to the Boers next turn, which may be a price worth paying. Turn 188 will be a make or break moment for Brazil. There are (count them) SIX undefended Boer cities in this slide, with defenses ranging from 139 to 182. More importantly, the majority of visible Boer airforce is in the least defensible cities. 8 aircraft reside in 3-pop Nova Iguacu, which is near death as it is. 5 more aircraft are stationed in 29-pop Artashat, a city that has been COMPLETELY BLOCKED OFF from reinforcement. This is the textbook definition of a surgical strike. I’m so thrilled to be witness to it that I can’t stop smiling.