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Brazil takes Colombo from the Boers! This city has been criminally overlooked in the past. This conquest is instrumental in overcoming Kruger’s defenses. Colombo contains the Statue of Zeus, providing an extra 15% Combat Strength when attacking cities, giving Brazilian units a fighting chance against the Boer fortresses. Whether Pedro can hold it remains to be seen. Biotroopers are attacking from all sides, and the resident garrison is at death’s door. I expect this city to flip several times, being key to either side’s victory in this battle.

Looking northward, Brazil has wisely brought some airpower to Trincomalee to help support their amphibious assaults. It’s a good thing, too, as it doesn’t seem like Vietnam wants to engage just yet. Perhaps the Trungs are waiting for Kruger and Pedro to wear each other down before sweeping in for the easy city snipes. Of course, they’ll need more than a single melee unit to achieve that. Oh, bias.