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We finally get a view of the former Mughal homeland, a key region in this war. Boer fans should rejoice at this sight. There are 9 Boer cities in view, and only Fatehpur Sikri has taken any damage whatsoever. It doesn’t appear to be in much danger, though, seeing as how it’s surrounded by Biotroopers in good health. It just struck me that Kruger’s assimilation of Sparta may have augmented his attack formations. These arrangements seem strikingly familiar.

Scores of Brazilian units are concentrating on Agra, and rightfully so, but it still stands tall. Notice how Kruger loves using Artillery units as garrisons. It’s an awfully bold strategy. With Pedro adding the exclave of Balkh to his possessions, new units will now appear on the front line from two directions. It’s also worth noting that Vietnam doesn’t seem too eager to send any melee units toward the vital city.