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Either Anuradhapura flipped in the last turn or it was nuked, leaving it at half the citizens from when we last saw it. That’s of little concern to Pedro, however, as he now controls Vavuniya, cutting off Polonnaruwa and Galle from Boer supply lines. Kalumnai also has an X-COM at full health knocking on its walls, and looking at the health of surrounding units, it also appears to have been nuked.

A Vietnamese Robot Infantry stands outside Kandy, ready to incorporate the city into the Trung Empire should any Boer melee unit get close enough to seize it. The nearest candidates for the task are devoting their efforts to retaking Colombo, so that unit may have to find better uses of its time. Speaking of which, Pedro is leaving Colombo dangerously exposed to capture. Losing it to the Boers would be devastating to the campaign at this juncture.